About Brooke's Point

Brooke’s Point is located in the southeastern section of mainland Palawan, on the West part of the Sulu Sea, South of the Municipality of Sofronio Española, North of the Municipality of Bataraza, and East of the Municipality of Jose Rizal.

Brooke’s Point is about 192 kms from Puerto Princesa, about 167 km from Honda Bay, about 317 km from El Nido, about 290 km from Turtle Islands Park, about 293 km from Taytay, and about 58 km from the Tabon Caves.

The city of Brooke's Point was named after British captain James Brooke, first White Rajah of Sarawak, who landed therein 19th Century.

Brooke's Point became a famous place in 1939 when the greatest pearl in the world was found in its waters, said to be worth over 40 million U.S. dollars.

Among its local attractions are the Lighthouse Tower, a number of Churches and several beaches.
The city surrounded by very beautiful natural scenery, like the nearby 2085 m high Mount Mantalingajan, Mt Maruyog with a breathtaking panoramic view of Brooke's Point and Sulu Sea, the Bakbakan or Sabsaban Waterfalls or the Mainit Hot Springs. Brooke's point also counts with a modern port, mainly used for cargo and fishing vessels.

The city has a growing population of over 50,000, and its lifestyle is very provincial and easy-going.